Pruning and removal of trees

The pruning and removal of trees is a rather complicated job. Therefore, TuinTien employs specialized gardeners whose expertise is trees. Our tree experts have taken several educational courses that prepared them for pruning and removing trees as well as safely climbing them.

At times, the use of a boom lift is simply not practical or even impossible in order to prune. This is when we make use of so-called ‘climbers’, who make use of specialist equipment to prune or remove a tree.

On average, the cost of removing a tree is €300,-. You can, however, request a written quotation which will give you detailed insights of the costs. We always provide you with free advice and written quotations.

→ Are you allowed to have a tree removed or do you need permission from the municipality?

You can find the answer to this question here or under the heading ‘Pruning and removal of trees’ → ‘Felling permit’.