Felling permit

When you wish to have a tree removed from your garden in some cases you need a felling permit from your municipality, even if the tree grows in your own garden.

When you have a tree felled without permission the municipality can appoint you a high monetary fine. The rules for these permits differ per municipality. For more information please check https://www.juridischloket.nl/wonen-en-buren/koopwoning/kapvergunning (note: this website is in Dutch).

For small trees or shrubs you often do not need a permit. Municipalities often make an exemption for poplars, fruit trees or trees with a diameter of less than 20 centimetres.

You can measure the diameter by taking a measuring tape, stand in front of the tree, and measure at about 1.30m the ‘width’ of the tree. Is the tree less than 20 centimetres wide? Then you do not need a permit.